Artistic License founder Paul Barnla got his start in construction 25 years ago at the age of 18 when he set out to work in the thriving California building industry.

It was there that he learned production building; working on large-scale tract developments from foundation to finish. Paul obtained his first contractor’s license just four years later. As the youngest member of the San Diego Chamber of commerce, Paul went on to develop a multi-million dollar industrial painting company. After seven years building his first business, Paul sold his shares and set out to see the world, finding inspiration throughout Europe, South and Central America, as well as extensive travels through the United States.

Paul worked, built and designed his way from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, while continuing to develop his business acumen and craftsmanship. This important period studying many disciplines would eventually lead Paul to New York City, the place of his roots (both his parents having been born and raised in Brooklyn). Paul knew New York presented the ultimate challenge and opportunity to utilize his skills and experience. Over the last 12 years he has honed his skills to master the unique challenges presented when renovating exclusive residential and commercial spaces in New York City. Paul has come to learn and adapt to the specific set of requirements presented by urban renovations.

With the help of his seasoned team of staff and subcontractors, Paul and his firm are well versed and capable of precisely managing large scale projects in Manhattan with unrelenting attention to detail and quality. Paul’s past design experience proves to be an invaluable asset when assisting clients and Architects during the renovation process. His ability to find tasteful solutions and communication skills assure expectations are managed and met before, during and after the renovation process.

Our team is at your service to help you complete a successful renovation from preparation to punch list. You can count on us to deliver a beautiful finished product that lasts in a friendly, professional and well planned manner.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your project.